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261RE: [CalontirDance] thanks/musicians/lillies

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  • Valdemar and Constantia
    Jun 19, 2002
      Thanks Rowan!
      You gave me quite a bit of encouragement throughout the war with your
      enthusiasm and kind words at several different times throughout the week.
      I had a HOOT at the ball and the dancers seemed very forgiving of the
      musical goof-ups for which I am extremely grateful.- uh... not for the
      goof-ups... well, you know what I mean.

      Any comments from anyone on anything about the ball?
      Music? Booze? Dance choices?
      Location? Certain poorly done songs that drove you CRAZY?
      I know I should have asked that on Friday instead of now!

      Has anyone ever thought of moving the ball to somewhere on the battlefield
      or on one of the points or something?
      Elesait said the ground was too rough and uneven everywhere else but some
      parts don't seem more uneven than where we have been dancing.
      It would be kind of a cool sight to see about 50 dancers and 10 musicians
      all in the open with torch lights and incinitrons all around. What a
      specticle.spectacle. What a whatever.

      What should be different next year?
      Any comments?

      By the way, our war is SO COOL that our hammered dulcimer musician (she was
      only at part of the ball) is coming back next year - from North Carolina.
      This year we had a repeat visit from a musician from Southern Mississippi
      and he and his family will also return next year.
      People LOVE our "primitive" site and our laid-back-ness!

      I also hope to train a whole new spate of musicians for next years Lilies
      More music during more battles and tourneys and on the archery range.
      That's what I would have liked to have seen.

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      Just a big thankyou going out to all of the musicians who were at
      Lillies. The battle music was _really_ cool and I counted at least 15
      musicians in the band at the ball. WOW! Sorry, I missed the music for
      monkeys and alot of classes I would have liked to take (too much to
      do, and the war is just too short). Thanks all. I had fun, how about
      all of you?


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