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  • Valdemar and Constantia
    May 17, 2002
      Greetings from Constantia Innocenti,
      Music Coordinator for Lilies XVI,

      I send this missive to encourage all gentles who are interested in playing
      or learning to play music to attend this Lilies War!

      This year there will be a five day guitar class for beginners taught by Lord
      Christian d'Hiver, so dust off that guitar you never learned to play (or
      borrow one!), check those strings, and join me in class.

      There will also be several other music classes including beginning recorder,
      Middle Eastern music, Kaval(an end-blown flute - kavals provided!), period
      Scottish music and more.

      I would also like to encourage all gentles who have flutes and other band
      instruments from your earlier school days to bring them with you to Lilies.
      I and others would be glad to help you relearn the joy of playing music.
      (make sure those instruments are in good working order - they get rickety
      when they sit too long!)

      Throughout the war there will be many opportunities to practice and/or
      perform for all levels of musicians. For more information, see the Lilies
      website, http://calontir.sca.org/lilieswar/index.html under Arts and

      Please feel free to forward this message to other Kingdom or discussion
      lists that you feel might be interested.

      You may also email questions/comments to me at ironfist@...

      See you at LILIES!!

      Constantia Innocenti
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