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239Re: [CalontirDance] Dance Music

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  • Keith McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac)
    Mar 29, 2002
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      Hi there:

      As it happens, I have a list of dances that I use for introductory /
      basic dance classes:

      Leoncello Vecchio
      Petite Vriens

      Casulle la Novelle

      Carolingian Pavan ("Belle Qui Tienne Ma Vie")
      Galliard and simple variations (cinq pas, 'bell' step)

      Lorayne Alman
      Queen's Alman
      Black Alman

      Ballo del Fiore in duo
      The Pinwheel Game from "La Caccia d'Amore"

      Branle Cassandre (in a suite)
      Branle Pinagay (in a suite)
      Branle Charlotte (alone or in the suite)
      Branle D'Ecosse (Scott's)
      Branle Des Lavandieres (Washerwoman's)
      Branle Des Pois (Peas)
      Branle du Chandelier (Candlestick)
      Branle Chevaulx (Horses)
      Branle de la Montarde

      Black Nag
      Gathering Peascods
      Heart's Ease
      Jenny Pluck Pears
      Rufty Tufty
      Upon A Summer's Day

      All thirty probably won't fit on one CD :) I select from the list depending
      on the theme for the class - sometimes they're all from one era, sometimes I
      do a sampler of one from each era. The list is a bit heavy with branles,
      but they are easy, aren't they? (The other Old Measures are so easy I don't
      even bother with them except as a suite, which isn't so easy.)

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
      Denver, CO / Caerthe, Outlands

      "Sauer, Michael F." wrote:
      > Greeting everyone
      > ...
      > What dances would you like to see on
      > and intro to medieval/renaissance dance CD?
      > Conrad
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