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230Re: [CalontirDance] dance & revel at Cheiftains

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  • Evelyn Alden
    Feb 8, 2002
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      Well, it looks like I may be going. One of the upsides to living in a
      bigger town with other SCA folk. Jarl Rorik was needing a rider, I was
      needing a ride...

      Now I just have to explain why a non-fighter has as much luggage as a
      fighter (and it's somewhat more fragile)


      At 09:09 PM 2/8/02 +0000, you wrote:
      >Greetings to all,
      >Per the request of the autocrat, we will be dancing at Chieftains. I
      >believe it is planned for after feast while the "knights dishwashing
      >brigade" is doing it's stuff (or at least thats the rumors I hear).
      >The current planned set is:
      >Rosti boli
      >Scots branle
      >Hearts Ease
      >Black Alman
      >Requests afterwords. Musicians welcome of course. The above order (of
      >dances) does not reflect the final results. Post-revel is just down
      >the block when we are done.
      >Hope to see you all there!
      >Three Rivers

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