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222Call for Estrella Instructors!

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  • kgarner1@ix.netcom.com
    Nov 16, 2001
      Greetings from Lady Julian ferch Rhys, Minister of Dance for the
      kingdom of Atenveldt (and former Calontiri...).

      Now I know there are some of you who are planning to come out to
      Estrella this next year. :) And I know you'd love to teach a dance
      class. :) Now's your chance! :) We've still got room on the schedule
      for a few more dance classes....

      If you're interested, please do contact me (or else I'll be filling
      in all the gaps - eek!). :) My email is julian@... and I'll
      be looking forward to hearing from you! :)

      In service (and desperately hoping...)