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221Re: [CalontirDance] project

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  • Keith McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac)
    Nov 15, 2001
      Hi there:

      Unfortunately, I do not have the Capriole Suite, so I can't listen to
      I did hear it once on the radio last year, however. I remember that it
      includes a section of Belle Qui Tienne Ma Vie and Branle Charlotte. I think
      the Branle Charlotte gets ornamented, excited, and probably undanceable at
      the end. I doubt you could dance to the suite itself, but they might be
      willing to do "excerpts" that just happen to be the dances we know. Most of
      the Arbeau dances are also easy enough to teach if the kids want to join in.

      K / G S:}>

      "Sauer, Michael F." wrote:
      > Hi
      > I have an interesting project I'd like to ask for input
      > on.
      > A local juinor high orchestra is going to be preforming
      > Peter Warlock's Capriole suite which is based on
      > Arbeau's music. They would alos like to perform
      > some dances to it, any ideas?
      > thanks
      > Conrad
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