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219re: crystal ball

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  • rowan@french.toast.net
    Nov 7, 2001
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      Conna, The only dance I had any problem with the live music was
      Lenecello (sp?) but then I always miss the step change with live
      music. There were a few feedback squeels but no more than normal.

      >Checking with a number of persons, it did run more slowly, or
      longer, than last year.

      I thought the first three sets just flew by and were done sooner, but
      over all, the sets finished nearish the normal time ~4ish give or
      take 45mins. Alot depends on how long they choose to leave between
      sets and how long the desert revel takes.

      >I was not sure I liked the classes so much, as it seemed we could
      have had another dance in each one, but getting the review time was
      probably A Good Thing.

      The teaching did seem to go much faster this year, especially the
      Italian classes. Both the one I taught and the one I took could have
      easily added another short dance. Perhaps more people are just using
      the classes to refresh their memeory rather than learn a new dance?

      Its still one of my favorite events, ranking right up there with
      Lillies for concentrated fun.

      Unfortunatly, I have mundane life stuff taking up this weekend so
      I'll miss the dancing at Caravans :(