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210Crystal ball dance sets

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  • rowan@french.toast.net
    Oct 22, 2001
      Passing along the planned sets for Crystal Ball.

      Set I: Black Alman, Gathering Peascods, Scottish Branle, Rosti
      Boli, John Tallow's Canon, Mairi's Wedding, Grimstock, Contrapasso in
      due, Hyde Park, Hole in the Wall

      Set II: Earl of Essex, Heralds in love, Official Branle, Troika, Le
      Bens Distonys, Newcastle, Angus Reel, Anello, Chestnut, Female Sailor

      Set III: Carolingian Pav & Galliard, Heart's Ease, Maltese (Falcon)
      Branle, La Francoise Nouvelle, Sellingers Round, Posties Jig,
      Argeers, Dashing White Sgt., Leoncello Vecchio, Korabushka

      Set IV: New Alman, Picking of Sticks, Horse Branle, Amoroso,
      Karapayet, My Lady Cullen, Laendler, Basso Lauro, Nonesuch, Road to
      the Isles

      Set V: German March, Rufty Tufty, Quen Quer Que, Upon A Summer Day,
      Petit Virens, Scotch Cap, Mdm. Soscilia's Alman, Montard, Merry Merry
      Milk Maids, Trenchmore

      Set VI: Entree Courante, Jenny Pluck Pears, Branle Charlotte,
      Spanish Jeepsie, Casuelle Novelle, Black Nag, Pease Branle, Gelosia,
      Maid Peept Out the Window, Moonshine.

      And now all bow...... :) Or collapse depending upon one's stamina.
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