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207Re: [CalontirDance] Calling Katriana #2

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  • Katriana
    Sep 12, 2001
      Hi there,

      I don't know if I'm coming to Grey Niche. I may be coming and selling, but
      if so I'll be by myself (and it's a LOT of work as well as a long drive)
      We don't have anymore Tapes of Dance (and the book wasn't out at Pennsic)
      What we do have is sets of 9 dance CD's (the "cheap cd's") and Joy and
      Jealousy (yeah!) I gave William Redcape all the Tape of Dance CD's back at
      Pennsic, so you might ask on SCA-Dance and find out how to order them (and
      maybe the book too)


      At 06:45 PM 9/12/01 -0000, you wrote:
      >If you are coming to GreyNiche/ThreeRivers War...
      >Does T&T have any more Tape of Dance #4 books and CDs that you were
      >(according to the sca dance list) selling at Pensic? Even if you
      >don't merchant at GreyNiche/ThreeRivers War could you bring a copy or
      >two, perdy please with sugar on top? Otherwise those of us (me!) that
      >didn't find out BEFORE all our friends left for Pensic (that ToD4
      >would be out and we should send cash with friends) will have to wait
      >till Kris Kinder or Crystal Ball to get copies :(
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      ><carol.oconnell@g...> wrote:
      >> Katriana,
      >> I tried to e-mail you, but received no response. Did you get a new
      >> address? Are you coming to Gray Niche? We're having a ball . . .
      >> Conna
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