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19Re: Dancing at Lillies

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  • Katriana
    Jun 4, 1999
      It's the Dragonfly Dancers (which were mentioned a few times at KWDS by the
      Ansteorrans) and this is a PARTIAL list of what they think they are going
      to fit in. The dance classes being offered (and I can now teach, if only
      I'd known I owuld be unemployed through the war) are an indication of what
      we're getting. These are only the dances that they need music for.
      Apparently there are other dances that they have music for :)

      Argeers Arnwulf's Pavane
      Atlantean Pavane Bransle d'Ecosse (Horses?)
      Bransle Pinagay Calontir Bransle
      Cuckolds All ina Row Friar in the Well
      Gathering Peascods Goddesses
      Heart's Ease Highland Schottische
      Grimstock Horses Bransle
      John Tallow's Canon Korobuska
      L'Escargot Maanschaft Pavane
      Mage on a Cree Maltese Bransle
      Montarde Bransle Official Bransle
      Passeymeasures Queen Elizabeth's Round
      Queen Susannah's Reel Rufty Tufty
      Saint Martin's Scotland the Brave
      Sellinger's Round Trenchmore
      Upon a Summer's Day

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