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176Re: [CalontirDance] Lilies ball music questions

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  • Katriana
    May 7, 2001
      At 03:04 PM 5/7/01 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hi all Musicians for Lillies from the Ball Brat Tsire

      >Traditional or more comfortable versions are always acceptable again,
      >agreement is the key.

      The big concern is that we practice the music the way it will be danced.
      If we practice the version of Rostiboli out of Joy and Jealousy and then
      the dance taught at Lilies matches the Lilies music and DOESN'T have the
      saltarellos and movimentos at the end, then the musicians will (once again)
      confuse the dancers. If we practice the music provided and the dancers are
      expecting to saltarello and we start again with the beginning, the same
      problem occurs. Are the steps as they will be done at the ball available?

      >> > Hearts Ease shows the first part repeating, but that will make 4 times
      >> > through the "verse" part. Are we doing the dance differently?
      >3 times please

      OK, so you want it to be "up a double and back, that again, that again"
      then the chorus?

      Or are you affirming that there are 3 verses total?

      http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/lod/vol2/hearts_ease.html (article with the 1st
      edition) and
      http://www.shipbrook.com/jeff/playford/40.html (2nd edition) shows that the
      "verse" part goes through 2 times for each verse, the action and "that
      again" and that's the way I've always played it. Phaedra's music shows 4
      times through the "verse music" (a repeat written out and also a repeat
      (and for those who haven't seen the originals before, the music repeats are
      down in the dance instructions)

      I'll get the music for scotland and dashing white sergeants up as soon as I
      can (and maybe Conrad can make a pdf file for us)

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