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175Re: [CalontirDance] Lilies ball music questions

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    May 7, 2001
      Hi all Musicians for Lillies from the Ball Brat Tsire

      Answers that I can think of:

      Could we possibly play Grimstock and Rufty Tufty in G?
      Fine with me as long as all agree on it.

      Rostiboli and Gelosia are missing the ends of the dances if we are doing
      the versions out of Joy and Jealosy. Are we doing different versions?
      Traditional or more comfortable versions are always acceptable again,
      agreement is the key.

      > > Anello shows a repeat of the last section. Are we doing the repeat the
      >music shows?

      again, same answer, tradition, comfort and agreement are key.

      > > Hearts Ease shows the first part repeating, but that will make 4 times
      > > through the "verse" part. Are we doing the dance differently?

      3 times please

      > > Dashing White Sergeant and Road to the Isles aren't included, not a
      > > problem, 'cause I've got sheet music. Are we doing Road to the Isles or
      >Scotland the Brave?
      Thsi is a favorite distinction of your Katriana :) _ We are doing the most
      widely accepted Scotland the Brave...not the flok song Road tot he Isles.

      Yay for sheet music for dashing White Seargeant, I was unable to find a copy
      ..Katriana saves my rear again! All hail the sheet music vortex.
      Let me know what else I can do to make this as spiffy as possible for all
      musicians who are good enough to play for us silly old dancer types!


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