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168Lilies Dancing

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Mar 8 9:15 AM
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      Hi all

      Tsire has got the ball list together, and will
      soon have music, steps and even CDs available soon.

      I have put most of this on the web at the lilies site
      go check it out. We still need some tune and music files.

      The next major part of this is my thing. We need teachers
      for the RUSH classes. The good news, no classes before 10 AM!
      And the classes start the first weekend.

      I would like to run classes 10-12 and 1-3 everyday, starting
      at either noon on saturday or 10 on sunday. Ending either
      at 3 on thursday or friday.

      How did the Friday classes go last year?

      Now the bad news, Tsire definately and I probably will be going
      to the Known World Dance Symposium, which occurs the first
      weekend of Lilies. I will be gone until tuesday evening
      ans Tsire will be gone at least that long. So if anyone has
      ever wanted to teach a class here's your chance. 3-4 days
      where we'll be down 2 people.

      As for the classes I don't ask much. I would like every
      dance on the ball list to be taught at least once.
      Don't feel like you can teach a 2 hour class? Pick your
      best two dances and share them with your friends. Don't
      think that will take even an hour - get together with
      a friend and teach 2 dances each. RUSH classes should
      be an hour long.

      Also needed are non-traditional classes, dancing with style,
      dancing to live music, theory, history etc.

      I do plan to do a ball review class on thur afternoon and
      I think I (and maybe Tsire) will put together a class
      on all the neat stuff we learned at KWDS either wed or
      thur morning.

      So please, figure out your schedules, take a look at
      the dance list and contribute where you can.
      Lilies war dancing needs you!

      Thanks again