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165Lilies Music Mission - HELP!!!!

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    Feb 27, 2001
      Hi all,

      It's you friendly local Lilies ball person Tsire calling for YOUR HELP!

      To make this ball a success I will need all of your help. Here's where it

      SOUND OFF!
      Advance packets will be available soon, if you are attending, know someone
      who is attending etc. I need your/thier e-mail/ snail mail addys ASAP so
      that you may recieve your advance packets as soon as they are available.
      Please specify if you would like a mucisian's, a dancers or dance
      instructors packets as each are slighyl different.

      SOUND ON!

      The Lilie's Ball list will be on the web very soon, to make it a more
      helpful resource I have decided to make NoteWothy Composer and PDF versions
      of the music for each dance avaiable on it. I am missing some of the files
      to make this possible. If you have any of the following music in the needed
      format please send it to me ASAP! The sooner I get it the sooner the site
      will go up and the advance packets can go out to your very hands!

      Grimstock- NWC
      Quen Quer Que- PDF
      Amoroso - NWC
      Dashing White Seargeant - NWC & PDF
      Maanschaft Pavan - NWC & PDF
      Heralds in Love- NWC & PDF
      Earl of Salis. - NWC
      Road to the Isles- NWC

      Argeers- NWC & PDF
      Angus Reel- NWC & PDF
      Black Nag- NWC
      Gratioso- NWC
      Maid Peeped- NWC & PDF
      Nonesuch- NWC
      Postens- NWC & PDF

      I can be reached at tsire@...

      I look forward to hearing from you all and to making this a great bug fun


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