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1585RE: [CalontirDance] Lilies Balls

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Apr 9 7:59 AM
      To my knowledge there are 4 'Balls' scheduled for this year.

      The Bellewode Beginner Ball on the first Saturday?

      The Shattered Crystal ball on Monday?

      The Lilies Grand Ball on Thursday

      The Farwell Caroso Ball on the second Saturday.

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      Sent: Friday, April 06, 2012 8:45 PM
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      Subject: [CalontirDance] Lilies Balls

      So far, I know I am running the pit for the Shattered Crystal BAll. and, Maggie (Magdalene) is running the pit for the Beginner's Ball. Is this the Wed. night ball, or are there 3 balls this year? We want to get some information in the Lilies book.

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