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1559Re: An Idea that Worked Well/ Balls/ Chieftains Feb 25

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  • Deb Johnoff
    Jan 17, 2012
      Thanks, Christian

      So how many sets did they have, how long did the ball last, in eve or afternoon, how many people danced ?Did they do mini reviews before ea dance, any classes during day--for musicians or dancers?

      Annora and Alessandra ran the dance at Crown, Musical Maggie the musicians (of which we had 7ish, but were missing Conna as she is newly crowned Princess).  I think there were 8-15 dancers.  It happened in the afternoon after Crown tourney, in the same space (so there was already a lot of folks about).
      Annora and Alessandra did little reviews at beg. of ea dance (which I like).
      There were 2 planned sets and then a few pick ups before it was time for court. Quite satisfying.

      Other comments?  I'm taking notes (as usual) as I am the dance wrangler for *** Feb 25 Chieftains***.  Maggie has agreed to coordinate music(ians).  As the event in Three Rivers is our change of Baronage, I have asked Mistress Slaine and HL Josef aboout any special dance----so the ball will start with Carolingian Pavan at start of their Baronage.  Baron Ravasz is Russian and loves only one dance, the Korobushka (HE Kajsa doesn't generally dance) and so we'll end their tenure and our ball with Korobushka.  (Also, if there is a concensus for repeating any dance, that will be done)

      I hope to have a couple classes late morn if there's space available for teaching.  More later.

      Upcoming Dancing:   Jan 28 Vatavia, Love and Beauty
                                          Feb 25 Three Rivers, Chieftains
                                          GULF WAR-- dances most nites and classes ea day
                                          Mar 31  Bellewode,  Heraldic Scribal and Dance Symposium

      Any corrections or additions?

      Dancing the Dream
      Ly Hanne Abendschein

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