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153RE: [CalontirDance] Re: dance music

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Feb 5, 2001
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      Greetings, missed you at Kris Kinder - and no one seemed to know
      who you were.

      I pretty much totally agree with Katherine, but do have some specifics.

      >The cheapest option is to go to the SCA Music and Dance Page


      >but in general, all of the non-synth disks are reasonably
      >useful, especially for a new group.

      By all means you can order some of the disks, but if you need stuff
      quick and have the right equipment, you can also download and
      record to tape - ask if thats the way you want to go.

      >If you have a little bit more money to spend, I recommend the
      >Musica Subterranea cds.

      I also recommend their discs and can give you their webpage.


      I think the first one is better for a wide variety of styles
      and partially due to its existance more of these are done here.

      Though, Katherine, I'm glad to have some music for Dolce Amoroso Fuoco

      Sadly I won't be at RDP, I'll be at Estrella (hopefully anyway, work is
      being difficult).

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