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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Jun 3, 1999
      > I've been meaning to tell you what a great job I thought you did on the
      > Crown ball.
      Thanks, and thanks for playing.

      BTW, do you remember the name of the other lady who joined you?
      I think she's from Forgotten Sea.
      > The dances were appropriate (ie, very few oop :) )
      That depends on who you talk too, I guess your not in the don't
      count 1st playford crowd.

      I think your more forgiving that I was of myself after KWDS

      Caroligian Pavan --- SCA choreography, reasonably period like Calontir Bransle --- SCA choreography, sort of period like Sellengers Round --- ECD and not even 1st edition Angus Reel --- Don't know where this came from Korobushka --- 1930's broadway Hole In the Wall --- ECD (1st) Mannschaft Pavan --- SCA choreography, sort of period like Heralds in Love --- SCA choreography, very of period like Horses Bransle --- Arbeau Petit Vriens --- 15th Cen Itialian Scotland the Brave --- SCA/ Modern Trenchmore --- A reel?

      Mostly I just wanted to get people there. I'll try to sneek in a new dance
      two every time.

      About 5-6 people there knew a good amount of stuff (i.e. could have done it
      without traching/cueing. Most of them would have been there reguardless.

      About half of the others seemed to do only whant the knew/remembered
      the rest learned it at the ball.

      > I will always prefer dancing (and playing for
      >dance) on firm smooth surfaces, but since that wasn't available, it

      Actually I love dancing on a good grass field. Of course their are
      some things I wouldn't wabt to do there. But how often do we do 16th
      cen Itialian?

      >I truly appreciate the work you went to in finding the music and
      >live musicians.

      Actually having live musicians at the ball was much easier.
      Among all the other advantages, I haven't ever seen a voice activated
      boom box, yet :)


      P.S. Its rumored that SS is putting in a bid for Queen's Prize.
      I think that might be a good venue for a ball.
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