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1475lilles ball 25

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  • jeremybullins@ymail.com
    Feb 1, 2011
      So for those of you who are really excited. I had zippy help me out and i think we have a great set list.

      The theme for lilles being a celebration of lilles, well the first set shows what we did when we first started dance in this area. The second set showes what we did not to long ago. these dances are more complex still some goop in them but more confidence. And the third set shows how far we have come. were more period, more confident,and just an awsome group.

      Set One: Early Lilies
      Carolingian Pavanne
      Official Bransle
      Black Nag
      Maanschaft Pavanne
      Angus Reel
      Bransle Set: Washerwoman's Bransle, Horse Bransle, Tangle Bransle

      Set Two: Mid Lilies
      Black Alman
      Heart's Ease
      Rufty Tufty
      Heralds in Love
      Female Sailor
      Hyde Park
      Rosti Boli Gioioso
      Picking of Sticks
      Petit Riense

      Set Three: Current Lilies
      Ly Bens Dystonis
      Bransle Suite: Pinagay, Charlotte, Arigan
      Bizzaria D'Amore
      Saturday Night Sunday Morn
      Contrapasso in Due
      Gracca Amoroso
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