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  • Brenda Knox
    Oct 28, 2010
      Thanks, Zino. Still gathering information from folks, so I will let everyone know by early spring, if there's a move.
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      I believe that there is no problem being wherever the battlefield is as long as this time the waterbearers tent is between us and fighter tents. The fact that we were right next to them was confusing to some of them about usage. If not by the battlefield then the next best idea would be in the A and S area. Of course with the music classes usually there (I plan on teaching a couple myself) that might not be a bad idea either. If it is in A and S then noontime singing and all other activities might be more regularly attended. (Hope I didn't make it all more confusing).


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      > I know Lilies is a long way off, but I would like your opinion on the location of the music tent during the coming year. I am on Lilies staff this year as music coordinator. What are your feelings about music by the battlefield?
      > With the battlefield located down near "Hell and Gone," some of you thought that was quite a trek with instruments, chairs and stands. Also, we did have problems with the fighters keeping equipage in our area, which had to be moved each time we had a class or rehearsal. In the past, the fighters had expressed appreciation for music at the battlefield, so I would like you to ask your favorite fighter about it. As far as I know, I am the only one who held a music class there last year.
      > Would you be interested in moving the music tent to, say, archery area this year? This would put music up in that part of the camp, and it would be appreciated by both the archers and merchants in that area. Would you like music to stay near the battlefield, but have our tent separated from fighters and waterbearing by some yards, if possible? What if the music tent was near the Broken Harp, so that Middle Eastern dance and music could also use it in the evenings informally?
      > Discuss! Get back to me with your thoughts!
      > Thanks,
      > Ly Brighid O'Mahuna of Flinthyll

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