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1422Call for musicians!

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  • constancewilkicke
    Jul 29, 2010
      As most of you probably know by now, my apprentice sister, Jehanne Bening is to
      be eleveated to the Order of the Laurel at King's Companie of Archers here in
      Forgotten Sea on 9/11. Our household is putting together a vigil/ceremony
      worthy of her, her new status, and of her personna as a 15th century Burgundian.

      When discussing plans, she mentioned a hidden boom box playing appropriate cd's
      during the day to add ambiance to the vigil area. I cannot let this happen. So,
      I appeal to you, good musical gentles of Calontir, to please help me keep this
      from happpening. If you, singly or in groups could find the time to come to
      this event and provide your services for her special day, our entire household
      would be forever in your debt. I'm not asking for a specified time of the day,
      specified music, or even a specfic length of time. If you can come by and play
      or sing one song only, or many, you will not be turned away. It would mean so
      much to her, and to all of our household. We are working very hard to make this
      a very special day, that she will never forget.

      Did I mention that there is a sumptuous menu for the vigil food which of course,
      is on offer to all? Fare such as you cannot imagine, and I'm sure there will be
      plenty of it!