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1418Thanks and Brainstorming

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  • Christopher Mortika
    Jul 20, 2010
      Her Excellency Conna is too modest to mention that it was she who worked
      with the musicians during the day, when I was otherwise occupied. My thanks
      for that, and for her unfailing years of support for dance music.

      Thanks go to Conrad, Azenari and Ermendrich for their work shepherding the
      dancers. To the team that cleaned up the dance space after the last sliver
      of daylight was extinguished. And to the dozen musicians who lent their
      time and talents to the task, to terrific results.


      Would the ball, in the darkened shelter, have worked better if we'd had
      those luminescent glo-bands for the dancers? Or was the Renaissance
      ambiance preserved more by dancing in pitch blackness?


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