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1387RE: [CalontirDance] Lilies War Dance Classes

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Mar 30, 2010
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      This all looks great.

      Is there any interest of something on the first saturday eveing - definately informal?



      Saturday, 6/12
      10am – Almans and Pavans (Beginner) Instructor: Ly Hanne
      11am – Out of Period but Fun (Beginner/Intermediate) - ) Instructor: HE
      1pm – Simple Italian Dance (Beginner) Instructor: HL Donald McDonald
      2pm – The Italian Dances of Caroso (Intermediate) Instructor: Master

      Sunday, 6/13
      10am – Italians are Easy (Beginner) Instructor: HL Azenari
      11am – Italians are Sexy (Beginner/Intermediate) Instructor: HL Azenari
      1pm – Common English Country Dances (Beginner) Instructor: HL Azenari
      2pm – New English Country (Beginner/Intermediate) Instructor: HL Azenari

      Monday, 6/14
      10am – Arbeau’s Bransles (Beginner) Instructor: HE Phillipe
      11am – Dances in the Period Style (Beginner/Intermediate) Instructor: HL
      1pm – Dances for Anyone – Even Squires! (Beginner) Instructor: HL
      2pm – Progression Dances (Intermediate) Instructor: Master Conrad
      ~7pm – Night of Social Dance and Beginner’s Ball, hosted by Barony of
      Shattered Crystal, MidRealm

      Tuesday, 6/15
      10am – Easy Peasy English Country (Beginner) Instructor: Ly Alasandra
      11am – More English Country Dances (Beginner/Intermediate) Instructor:
      HL Rowan
      1pm – Italian Balli (Beginner) Instructor: Ly Arina
      2pm – Italian Cascarde (Beginner/Intermediate) Instructor: Ly Arina

      Wednesday, 6/16
      10am – Ball Review: Come practice the dances for the 24th Lilies Grand
      Ball. Drop in and make your requests from the Ball list (Various).
      Instructor: Rowan
      11am – Ball Review:
      Instructor: Rowan
      1pm – Ball Review:
      Instructor: Arina
      2pm – Ball Review:
      Instructor: Conrad
      ~7pm (after court) – XXIV Annual Lilies Ball

      Thrusday, 6/17
      1pm – Having Fun with Dance: Instructor: Odbjorn
      2pm – Dance Games Instructor: Ly Arina

      Friday, 6/18
      1pm – Reconstructing Dance: Instructor: HL Rowan
      2pm – New Italian Reconstructions: Lovely Nymph and Sparrow:
      Instructors: HL Azenari and Ly Arina

      Saturday, 6/19
      1pm – 3pm Caroso Ball

      Plus Ly Hanne is teaching three dance classes for the children/youth of our
      fair Kingdom on Sun 11am, Thur 2pm, and Fri 10am

      Sooo...... Anyone else want in on the fun of teaching - I can add more
      dance classes if I have more teachers.

      Finally, please notice there are THREE balls again this year - the Monday
      night Social Ball by MidRealm, Calontir's Lilies Ball on Wed, and I'm
      hosting a Coroso Ball on the last Saturday afternoon of war. We need
      musicians for all three balls please!!! I feed my musicians well :-)

      Dancy! Dancy!
      HL Rowan Houndskeeper
      Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir
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