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  • jeremybullins@ymail.com
    Mar 3, 2010
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      so here is the dance schedual for carnavail
      Set one
      1. peti reine
      2. harts ease
      3. official brawl
      4. contesia en due
      5. anello
      6. road to the island(scotland the brave)
      7. gelesia
      followed by a break ware the bards will sing for 15 min
      Set two
      1. Troika
      2. ruffty tuffty
      3. rusti boli
      4. black almon
      5. ballo de fiore
      6. hearlds in love
      7. calontire brawl
      followed by another break ware the bards will sing for us 15 min
      2.do la chirintana
      3.jenney pluck pear
      4.hyde park
      6.bizzaria d'amore
      here ends the offical dancing 7-12 we will do a walk through of most the dances not some of the harder ones for example no walk through for graca. their will be dance classes all day. their will be 2 tracks
      track 1 track 2
      10:00 beging english by baron wulfric intermediate english by Donald
      11:00 italian dances by sarah italian dances by henan
      1:00 contrpasa,rost boli by friar t Running, jumping dances for kids by zoe
      2:00 Dancing Italian bye konrad
      3:00 continued by konrad

      For those who dont know their is an all day buffet included in the sight fee. Also a mask blank is the sight token.
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