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137Lilies (yet again) need input for handbook

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  • Katriana
    Aug 5, 2000
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      Rigela asked for input for the autocrats handbook on the Lilies Ball /

      This isn't the place for dreams (a good floor, lighting, ...), but rather
      information to help people running the ball in future years. For example:

      Making the list of ball dances available before the war and having the
      dances taught both at events leading up to Lilies and at Lilies is a good

      I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Pennsic, back on the 22nd or so.
      Hopefully y'all will have posted some great suggestions and I'll get them
      to Rigela.

      or maybe Rigela remembered to ask Conrad a while ago and he already did this.

      In which case, "never mind"