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1360RE: [CalontirDance] searching for advice

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  • Eagle Eyes
    Feb 1, 2010
      Thanks you very much for your prompt responses, and yes rowan i would appreciate that hand out sometime.

      this would be European dance,
      If this would be said to be a part of any track it would be a beginning dance with less of a concentration on a specific subset but of dances that i've found can be very...... free form... very fun. these are the "story" dances that can be acted or over acted, its a way to have fun with the dance first and perfection of the dance steps second.
      dances like
      petit vriens
      hearts ease
      official brasles
      i would like to add an english country but the only one that jumps is heralds in love.

      these are the dances that i've found where i can make people laugh or smile and get them to forget that they are doing this strange form of dancing and realize that they are having fun.
      now its entirely possible my selection are all within a specific subset of european dances. but as i've told some people before.
      I'm not a dancer i just love to dance.

      I would like to hold this as a part of the EU dance tract at lilies but as i'm still gathering ideas for this and another class i'm hoping to hold, i haven't yet submitted it.

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