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1350Bellewode Ball

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  • Kelfin
    Jan 13, 2010
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      Hello, everyone!

      I'm sorry I didn't get this message sent out sooner, but...

      The Bellewode Symposium is on Saturday, January 30th, and, as usual, we're having a ball. I'd like to invite anyone who wishes to join me in the pit. It will be a fun, relaxed time. Here's a list of what we'll be playing:

      First Set:
      Queens Alman
      Maltese Bransle
      Heralds in Love
      Petit Vriens
      Henry VIII Bransle

      Second Set:
      Jenny Pluck Pears
      Black Alman
      Sellengers Round
      Le Bens Distonys
      Black Nag

      Third Set:
      Gathering Peascods
      Lovers' Braid
      Gracca Amorossa
      Heart's Ease
      Official Bransle
      Rosti Boli
      Rufty Tufty
      My Lady Cullen

      If you need a copy of any of this music, please let me know.

      Thank you for your time and attention.

      --Kasha Alekseeva
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