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1306Dance at Gryphon's Festival - September 26

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  • cathusrowan
    Sep 10, 2009
      Posted at the request of Lady Azenari.
      - Cathus

      Dance at Gryphon's Festival - September 26,

      11-12 Learn How to Dance (Squires welcome)
      1-2 Dance Games
      2-3 Dance Performance Competition

      Learn How to Dance
      Teacher: Lady Azenari Basandere
      Have you ever had trouble learning a dance, or do you feel lost in a dance class? Then this class is for you! We will be learning dance lots of different ways, so no matter your learning style or experience, you too can have fun dancing.

      Dance Games
      Teacher: TBD
      Dance was not only a chance to flirt in the Middle Ages, it was time to play and show off your prowess. So come learn fun medieval dance games. Bring a friend or three.

      Dance Performance Competition
      Come and have fun! People will be grouped into teams, or you can make your own team. Dances will be pulled from a hat, and you will have 10 minutes to learn / rehearse the dance before you perform. Winners will be determined by which team gets the most Spanish gold tossed at / to them by the audience. (So if you don't want to dance, come toss coins at the team that does the best!)