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1236Re: [CalontirDance] Attention Musicians: Bellewode Event

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Mar 30, 2009
      Thanks for the info, Kasha! I think the ball sounds like it's going to be a
      lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to it.

      See everyone there!

      On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 2:46 PM, pitykelfin <pitykelfin@...> wrote:

      > Hello, everyone!
      > I know the dancers have already discussed this, but I wanted to extend a
      > formal invitation to all musicians.
      > The Bellewode Symposium will take place on April 4th in Kirksville.
      > There will be a handful of music classes and ball rehearsal during the
      > day. In the evening, there will be a ball. We are having an open pit,
      > and I want to invite you all to play with me--I would love to have
      > everyone who wants to participate!
      > The ball is Caroso-style, so we need to be prepared to play a large
      > number of pieces. I think most people know most of these pieces
      > already, so we will use the afternoon rehearsal to go over trouble
      > spots. If you know ahead of time that a piece will probably give us
      > some difficulty, please make note of it and let me know--if I know what
      > people will want to work on, I can plan the rehearsal better. If you
      > don't want to prepare all 45 pieces, just prepare the ones you like, and
      > play with me on those.
      > I will have music available at the event, but I would appreciate it if
      > you would please bring whatever music you already have.
      > Here is the finalized ball list:
      > 1. Amoroso (Al Cofrin)
      > 2. Anello (Al Cofrin)
      > 3. Balletto Bizzaria d'Amore (M. T. Chen)
      > 4. Ballo del Fiore (Kathy Van Stone/Elsbeth Anne Roth)
      > 5. Black Almain (Al Cofrin)
      > 6. Black Nag (Al Cofrin)
      > 7. Carolingian Pavane (Al Cofrin)
      > 8. Cascarda da Gracca Amorosa (Steven Hendricks)
      > 9. Cassandre Bransle (melody only, in GM/em)
      > 10. Charlotte Bransle (Russell G. Almond)
      > 11. Chestnut (Steven Hendricks)
      > 12. Confesse (Steven Hendricks)
      > 13. Contrapasso in Due (Dragon Scale Consort--Eric Browning)
      > 14. La Franchoise Nouvelle (Sion Andreas o Wynedd/Ian Engle)
      > 15. Gathering Peascods (Al Cofrin)
      > 16. Gelosia (Steven Hendricks)
      > 17. Grimstock (Steven Hendricks)
      > 18. Heart's Ease (Al Cofrin)
      > 19. Heralds in Love (Al Cofrin)
      > 20. Horses Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 21. Hyde Park (Steven Hendricks)
      > 22. Jenny Pluck Pears (Steven Hendricks)
      > 23. Lovers' Braid (I composed this for a dance Ermenrich wrote;
      > it's not super-difficult)
      > 24. Ly Bens Distonys (Dragon Scale Consort--Eric Browning)
      > 25. Maltese Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 26. Montarde Bransle (Steven Hendricks)
      > 27. My Lady Cullen (Steven Hendricks)
      > 28. New New Nothing (I arranged this from Playford; it's also not
      > very difficult)
      > 29. Nonesuch (Al Cofrin, in Am)
      > 30. Official Bransle (Robert Stockton)
      > 31. Pease Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 32. Petit Riens (Monica Cellio)
      > 33. Piantone (for this dance, we're using Cantiga 119 in D dorian; I
      > don't know the arranger)
      > 34. Picking of Sticks (Al Cofrin: Lavena/Picking of Sticks in dm/DM)
      > 35. Queen's Alman (Al Cofrin: we can do this in Dm or Gm, whichever
      > you all prefer)
      > 36. Quen Quer Que (Al Cofrin)
      > 37. Rostiboli Gioioso (John Chandler)
      > 38. Rufty Tufty (Al Cofrin)
      > 39. Scotch Cap (Steven Hendricks)
      > 40. Sellenger's Round (Al Cofrin)
      > 41. Tangle Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 42. Upon a Summer's Day (Al Cofrin)
      > 43. Villanelle Balletto d'Incerto (Kathy Van Stone/Elsbeth Anne
      > Roth)
      > 44. War Bransle (Dave Rubin)
      > 45. Washerwoman's Bransle (Steven Hendricks)
      > Thank you very much for your time and attention. I hope to see you at
      > Bellewode. Please feel free to email me, to speak to me in person (I'll
      > be at Coronation this weekend), or to reply to this post if you have any
      > questions.
      > Sincerely,
      > Iia Kasha Alekseeva
      > P.S. I've also had requests for Burgundian Bransle, Cuckolds All A Row,
      > Half Hannigan, If All the World Were Paper, Kempp's Jeg, New Alman, and
      > Parson's Farewell, but I don't have the music for any of them. If you
      > would like to dance one of them (or something else), and you have a copy
      > of the sheet music (even just the tune), you can bring it to the
      > Bellewode event, and I will see how difficult it is to sightread. I
      > personally am willing to play anything I am able to play, but I wanted
      > to limit the number of pieces that everyone has to prepare, so... But!
      > After the ball is over, if you want to keep dancing, I'll keep playing
      > for you. :)

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