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1211The Bellewode Ball

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  • mateoalanohombrealtopezold
    Mar 1, 2009
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      To answer Conrad's question, the dance that Ingeborg taught me was
      Ballo del Fiore. Just the idea of the flower and the scuttling around
      the room seemed very cute and fun.

      Bellewode is planning a Caroso Style ball and we want your input (that
      means everyone). We hope to use this as a learning tool in the
      following way: The current plan is to have each dance on a card,
      pinned to a board. The card will list the dance's name, its origin
      (i.e. French c. 1500, NOT PERIOD, or SCA invention of period
      technique), and its formation (round for as many as will, three people
      in a line, etc.). A dancer will then pick their dance, announce it,
      invite whoever they want to dance it and hand the card over to the
      musicians. If people need it to be taught, we will do it at that
      time. So dances could involve everyone in the room doing an old
      favorite or a perfect time for someone to show off something fancy and
      complicated and allowing everyone else to watch. Of course I am not a
      mind reader, so if you have a performance dance you would like to do,
      let me know and I will add it to the list of dances and we will make
      sure the musicians have the music ahead of time.

      I hope that this can be used as a great new learning tool and give the
      Bellewode Ball a bit of variety.

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