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1207Ball Non-Report: Calontir 25th Anniversary Jubilee

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  • Julian O Neill
    Mar 1, 2009
      The Barony of Three Rivers (Saint Louis, MO) held the Calontir 25th
      Anniversary Jubilee on Saturday, February 28.

      The event web site (http://threeriver.org/25thyear/c25_dance.html) states:

      "Too lazy to stretch after the fighting? Work your muscles loose via a more
      amusing way by participating in the evening's Ball. “Toss the duchess” in
      “Offical's Bransle”, or jump-kick higher than everyone else to win “Kick the
      Tassel.” Most dances are simple and all will be taught at the Ball (but if you
      want more practice drop by the dance classroom during the day!)

      Dancers neophyte, casual, and hardcore are invited to celebrate a quarter-
      century of Calontir with a Ball in the evening, and dance during the day. The
      Ball pieces are mostly simple but all are fun...Bransles, Italian, and English
      Country dances are featured."

      The ball dance list included:

      "Set 1: Official's Bransle, Ly Bens Distonys, Anello, Jenny Pluck Pears, My
      Lady Cullen, Trenchmore
      Set 2: Kick the Tassel (Maltese Bransle), Black Alman, Ballo del Fiore,
      Gathering Peasecods, Amoroso, Bransle suite (Pease, Cassandra, Scots), Petit
      Requests: Begins with Korobushka"

      The ball was scheduled to begin in the third floor gymnasium after the
      conclusion of feast.

      Dance classes were held and musicians rehearsed throughout the day. Rehearsal
      and class space was extremely limited at this event. The musician rehearsal
      culminated in a 10-15 member open music pit for the evening court featuring
      ball music selections.

      A cancellation announcement for the ball was given at approximately 9:30 PM
      during the third and final course of feast. The ball itself was never held.
      There was no organized dance at this event outside of the classes held
      throughout the day.

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