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1167Musicians Wanted for Gulf Wars Dance

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  • Honorable Lady Eridana of Alrewas
    Jan 21, 2009
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      From Octavio de Flores,

      Announcing Dance at Gulf Wars, March 15-22, 2009 !

      I am sending this announcement to all musicians and to those who may know
      musicians who might like to play for dance at Gulf Wars this year. It will
      be my honor to lead the dance band for the early part of the week; Master
      Avatar will lead the band on the last two nights.

      We would love to have any qualified musicians join us. By "qualified," we
      mean that you must be able to read music, play an instrument that can pass
      for a period instrument (if you are not sure about either of these, please
      ask!), and commit to playing for one or more of the evening dances at Gulf
      Wars. New musicians are welcome.

      It would be great to get a preliminary count of those who think they may
      come, so please send me an email and let me know.
      (octaviodeflores@...) Feel free to distribute to all of your
      musician friends, and to post on any lists that may be appropriate.

      Dance this year will be organized by the Princess of Trimaris, Eridani
      Aureas, and her husband (in real life) Honorable Lord Edwardus the Wise.
      Information on dance is already being posted at www.gulfwars.org .