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1151RE: [CalontirDance] Re: Bellewode Event

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  • Matt Lagemann
    Oct 30, 2008
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      That gets into a fuzzy area. If I am cloned, I believe that I cannot have one clone be seneschal and the other be exchequer. Also that thing about wearing pants in court goes doubly if cloned.

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      I'll post it.

      No prob.

      And, even though Missouri law forbids it, how about Kingdom law? I'm
      sure we could supersede some things. :P

      -Constantia Kaloethes

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      > Thanks to Ewen of Bellewode's diligence and the VERY prompt reply of
      > the Kingdom Reeve, I am proud to announce that Bellewode is planning
      > on holding their Annual Heraldic, Scribal, and Dance symposium on
      > April 4th, 2009. We are not looking for classes yet, but be thinking
      > of what classes you want to teach. I always look forward to getting
      > together and dancing with people and if I have one complaint about the
      > event is that there are too many classes and not enough "me" to go
      > around. (It should be noted that under Missouri law I am not allowed
      > to clone myself. It names me specifically...) Things to look forward
      > to include a possible new place for the ball with better acoustics! I
      > hope to see all of you there.
      > In Service,
      > Ermenrich von Duisburg
      > (note: If anyone is on the scribal list and would like to post this
      > there, please do!)
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