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  • Matt Lagemann
    Sep 17 6:57 AM
      Indeed it was fun. I wish I had enough energy for the other two sets. I know this was NOT in the hands of those running the ball, but I think what hurt attendance some was the Bardic Circle running concurrently. I know of some people from my group that would have danced, but they also wanted to be a part of the circle as well.


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      Mistress Conna was kind enough to write:
      > Just a note to say a big Thank You to HL Christian for running the
      > Coronation Ball pit at Coronation in Deodar this past weekend.
      > It was fantastic to gather together musicians from a couple of
      > kingdoms, and the sets were lots of fun to play. Thank you for
      > organizing everything and for all the fun!
      And a huge debt of gratitude goes to:

      The irrepressible dance shepherdess: Lady Daria of Coeur d'Ennui
      The musicians:
      Amy of Jararvellir (soprano and tenor recorders; she also played background
      music at feast), Mistress Conna (soprano and alto recorders), Gwenhwyfar
      Grek (trombone), Hyacinth of Jararvellir (alto recorder), Lady Kasha
      (soprano recorder), Lady Lorelei of Skye (percussion), Lorelei of Shadowdale
      (violin; her first event; she also played background music at feast), and
      Megan of Jararvellir (soprano recorder).
      The free dance booklet, including all the steps to all the dances: Lady
      Lorelei of Skye

      It was a blast. Next time we do it, we'll want to invite more dancers.


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