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1115Re: Proposal for Coronation: Comments Requested

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  • Cathus and Rowan
    Aug 8, 2008
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      Some of the more popular English Country dances we've done are
      Confesse, Mage on a Cree, and Bobbing Jo (the 'snap and change' one).

      I'd wouldn't mind seeing more choices on the Coroso list. Why not ask
      the musicians for a list of the dances that they'd be able to play if

      Unfortunately we're not going to be there - it looks like a great ball.

      - Cathus

      --- In CalontirDance@yahoogroups.com, Tsire Tuzevo <tsire@...> wrote:
      > Wahoo, I'm glad I'm already planning to attend this one. This is
      quite an ambitious plan and I'm excited to see it go forward.
      > In keeping with your request for suggestions, here's my two and a
      half cents.
      > It may be worth asking Cathus and Rowan for some of their newer
      English Country reconstructions, I'm blanking on the names but they're
      quite nice. (Cathus, Rowan , Help, what's the snap and change one??)
      > Please leave the out of period dances for the pick up dancing and
      out of the set list. These include:
      > Korobushka
      > Calontir BranslePavane (which one - many are very very modern and
      made up)Quen Quer Que (tertiary research experiment on a Cantiga
      format- ask it's creator Sion if you'd like more info)Salterello: La
      > For personal tastes I'd replace:
      > Bella Gioioso with Villanella, Washerwomans Bransle with any
      non-mimed bransle, and Nonesuch with a root canal.
      > Most of all I'm just glad you're taking this on and that there will
      be dancing at two coronations in a row. Woot!
      > Tsire
      > To: CalontirDance@...: c.mortika@...: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 15:46:18
      +0000Subject: [CalontirDance] Proposal for Coronation: Comments Requested
      > So, in the evening of Luther & Maerwynn's coronation, in Their Shire
      ofDeodar, we'll be holding a dance ball.Here's what I'd like to try.
      I'm posting this proposal here, and,based on any suggestions you folks
      might have, I'll be disseminating amore polished announcement to a
      wider audience on Monday or so.There are three sets, each taking about
      an hour. Afterwards, there'llbe pick-up dancing and requests.SET
      ONE:Set One is intended to be dance-novice friendly. People who
      haven'tdanced (or danced much) before should be able to walk away with
      apositive experience. We can achieve that by getting them
      comfortableenough with a few dances that they can get past the
      "learning stage" oftrying to remember the next steps, and actually
      dance. This set shouldconsist mostly of well-known favorites, but it
      might also include a newdance. All dances will be taught.* Official
      Bransle* Black Almain* Petit Riens* Gathering Peascods* Rufty Tufty*
      My Lady CullenSET TWO:The middle set is a "standard" dance ball. There
      may be some newdances, but not many. Most dances will be reviewed
      beforehand, but notall. In all, we'll probably get through about eight
      dances.* Rostiboli Gioioso* Sellenger's Round* Picking of Sticks* Ly
      Bens* Calontir Bransle* Heralds in Love* PiantoneSET THREE:Set Three
      is a "Caroso-style" ball. A Caroso ball is, in some ways,the analogue
      of a bardic circle. People take turns leading. Sometimesthe leader
      starts a song / dance where everybody joins in, and sometimesyou'll
      see a a piece with just a couple or two on the dance floor,
      andeverybody else actively watching the performance. To accomodate a
      liveband, the request list needs to be restricted to, say, 20 or so
      dances:* Ballo di Fiore (will start)* Amoroso* Bella Gioiosa*
      Chestnut* Gelosia* Gracca Amorosa* Heart's Ease* Korobushka* Maltese
      Bransle* Montarde Bransle* Nonesuch* Pavane* Quen Quer Que*
      Salterello: La Regina* Vita di Cholino* Washerwoman's BransleHelp me
      out. What dances need to be added, or switched
      around?--Christian[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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