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1113Proposal for Coronation: Comments Requested

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  • Chris Mortika
    Aug 8, 2008
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      So, in the evening of Luther & Maerwynn's coronation, in Their Shire of
      Deodar, we'll be holding a dance ball.

      Here's what I'd like to try. I'm posting this proposal here, and,
      based on any suggestions you folks might have, I'll be disseminating a
      more polished announcement to a wider audience on Monday or so.

      There are three sets, each taking about an hour. Afterwards, there'll
      be pick-up dancing and requests.

      SET ONE:
      Set One is intended to be dance-novice friendly. People who haven't
      danced (or danced much) before should be able to walk away with a
      positive experience. We can achieve that by getting them comfortable
      enough with a few dances that they can get past the "learning stage" of
      trying to remember the next steps, and actually dance. This set should
      consist mostly of well-known favorites, but it might also include a new
      dance. All dances will be taught.

      * Official Bransle
      * Black Almain
      * Petit Riens
      * Gathering Peascods
      * Rufty Tufty
      * My Lady Cullen

      SET TWO:

      The middle set is a "standard" dance ball. There may be some new
      dances, but not many. Most dances will be reviewed beforehand, but not
      all. In all, we'll probably get through about eight dances.

      * Rostiboli Gioioso
      * Sellenger's Round
      * Picking of Sticks
      * Ly Bens
      * Calontir Bransle
      * Heralds in Love
      * Piantone

      SET THREE:

      Set Three is a "Caroso-style" ball. A Caroso ball is, in some ways,
      the analogue of a bardic circle. People take turns leading. Sometimes
      the leader starts a song / dance where everybody joins in, and sometimes
      you'll see a a piece with just a couple or two on the dance floor, and
      everybody else actively watching the performance. To accomodate a live
      band, the request list needs to be restricted to, say, 20 or so dances:

      * Ballo di Fiore (will start)
      * Amoroso
      * Bella Gioiosa
      * Chestnut
      * Gelosia
      * Gracca Amorosa
      * Heart's Ease
      * Korobushka
      * Maltese Bransle
      * Montarde Bransle
      * Nonesuch
      * Pavane
      * Quen Quer Que
      * Salterello: La Regina
      * Vita di Cholino
      * Washerwoman's Bransle

      Help me out. What dances need to be added, or switched around?


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