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1112Musicians Retreat - Sept. 20th '08

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  • Paul Alan Byers
    Jul 27 8:33 PM
      The Grimfells Music Ensemble are planning to host a weekend of food, fun (even if we have to kill and eat a laurel) and music in Grimfells Sept 20th. We will supply crash space, some food and liquor, and room to play together.

      Mostly a chance to hang with other SCA musicians in a relaxed and Grimfellion type atmosphere. Please call or write ahead so we can arrange crash space and food plans. (allergies) I will be asking some of our local gourmet to impress us and Natalia and I will be showing off, a little. (It's Grimfells, we don't leave one meal till we have planned the next!)

      If you have a stick jock SO who wanted to come, I bet I can find someone to stripe them.

      This is not an official event. No garb, no SCA rank, just us getting to know and maybe fondling each other. (Natalia may/will nix that last part. :( ) BTW this is for any SCA Musician who would like to join us.

      Pavel IthurtstobowbutIdon'tcare!ovich