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1098RE: [CalontirDance] Bardic Charter

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  • Becky Buchanan
    Jul 9, 2008
      I could not agree more with you Tsire!

      I just got an email from the Bardic list regarding the latest Charter revision, which does not specifically call out musicians, dancers, etc. I think it's definitely a step in the right direction. I uploaded it to the Files section.


      Tsire Tuzevo <tsire@...> wrote: Emelye, Conna & Roberto,

      Well put all of you!

      For what it's worth, I see my self as a performing artist. I do European dance, period vocal music, and random entertainment pieces. While I feel that bards and I have a link as performers, I ,in no way, see myself as a bard. I'm not comfortable with my arts being lumped into the charter and think it may be confusing to some people who may feel that participation in these (proposed) newly included areas would, de facto, make them members of the Bardic College. Dance has so very little to do with the bardic tradition, it seems like a stretch to include it._I agree that I'd rather just do my art and not have meetings about it. I've felt pressure, mostly from non-dancers, for years to form a dance guild. I've resisted this as I don't think a formal structure is warranted. This also feels to me, true or not, like a way to lump dancers into a category, a guild, or an organizational structure that we have been vocal about not wanting. This is frustrating to me as a dancer, a
      singer, a dramatic performer, a spectacle organizer and decidedly not a bard.


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