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108[CalontirDance] Lilies Classes - May 08 update

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    May 8, 2000
      Lilies Dance CLass Schedule
      (Needs to be finalized before Crown to make the RUSH book)

      Class Times
      Mon - Thur 10-12 and 1-3

      Day/Time Class Teacher
      AM 10-12 Intro to Renn. Dance Conrad Martin von Kassel
      PM 1- 3 Bransles and Pavanes Philippe de Lyon Thomas.Harmon@...
      *** New Teacher

      AM 10-12 Introductory Itialian Katherine Mercer deanc@...
      PM 1- 3 Easy ECD Tsire Tuzevo tsire@...

      AM 10-12 Intermediate ECD Tsire Tuzevo tsire@...
      PM 1- 3 ??? ???

      AM 10-11 Salterelli Katherine
      AM 11-12 Heys are not for horses Katherine
      PM 1- 3 Review for Ball Conrad et al

      Final class nane is up to the instructor.
      Anyone who want to be around for the review class is welcome.
      Exact slots on Tues and Wed are somewhat tentative.
      I absolutely need someone for the Monday PM class, I've got a
      meeting :(

      Any ideas for the wed after noon class?

      A couple of ones I had

      Dancing to live music
      Dance teachers class
      Scottish dances
      A not covered by another class
      dance teacher swapmeet

      OK Judit had to cancel, so I put Katherine's suggestions in that
      spot - feel free to speak up Katherine if this isn't ok.

      Still need something for wed afternoon.

      Also according to the lilies RUSH schedule we have the
      grand pavilion reserved from 9 to 12 and 1-4 everyday
      monday through friday. Can we fill up the schedule?!

      If anybody wants to add anything else to the list ler me know.
      Recomend (volunteer) any friends who might be able run a class.

      If not I will make these times available for other uses.

      MAY 15th is the deadline for getting classes listed!

      Everyone should get a short (ie. paragraph) description to me by then.

      Dacne breakdown by type

      Scottish Bransle (Arbeau)
      Calontir Bransle (SCA dance to period music)
      Official Bransle (Arbeau)
      SCA Maltese Bransle (SCA, style of Arbeau)
      Charlotta Bransle (Arbeau)
      Horses Bransle (Arbeau)

      Ly Bens Distonys (Greesly)

      Quen Quer Que (SCA to 13th cent. music (cantiga)

      Mannschaft Pavan (SCA somewhat period style)
      Carloingian Pavan (SCA dance to music from Arbeau)
      Earl of Salisbury Pavan (Arbeau)

      Black Allemande (Arbeau/Inns of Court)

      Heralds in Love (SCA, reasonalby ECDish)
      Rufty Tufty (Playford, 1st)
      Hearts Ease (Playford, 1st)
      Gathering Peascods (Playford, 1st)
      New boe Peep (Playford, 1st)
      Jenny Plucks Pears (Playford, 1st)

      Petit Riens (Italian balli)
      Rostiboli (Italian balli)
      Gelosia (Italian balli)
      Amoroso (Italian balli)
      Ballo del Fiore (Dominico?)
      Il Piantone (The Pinwheel) (Italian)

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