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1076Re: [CalontirDance] Next easiest dance from Lilies Ball?

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  • Conna
    May 28, 2008
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      Petit Riens! Petit Riens!!
      Even _I_ can do it!


      On Wednesday, May 28, 2008, at 06:01 AM, Becky Buchanan wrote:

      > Hi everyone,
      > Sara Sophia and I were wondering what's the next easiest dance Mag Mor
      > could learn from the Lilies Ball list. We have one more practice
      > before Lilies. So far from the list, we know Carolingian Pavan and Ly
      > Bens. Murdoch and I are going to try to teach Black Alman. Is there
      > another dance from the Ball list someone could recommend? Is "My Lady
      > Cullen" easy? I know the music is relatively slow. Sara Sophia was
      > looking for a slower dance. (Slower than Charlotte or Horse's Bransle)
      > Here's the complete Ball list:
      > Carolingian Pavan (Mag Mor knows this)
      > My Lady Cullen
      > Anello
      > Confesse
      > Villanella
      > Heralds in Love
      > Black Alman (Mag Mor will know this)
      > Gracca Amorosa
      > Heart's Ease
      > Saturday Night/Sunday Morn
      > Hyde Park
      > Petit Vriens
      > Black Nag
      > Sellinger's Round
      > Ly Bens Dystonis (Mag Mor knows this)
      > Rosti Boli Gioiso
      > Picking of Sticks
      > Cantiga 119 (Piantone)
      > Thanks for your help! -- Emelye
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