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1068RE: [CalontirDance] Question about Charlotte Bransle

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  • Becky Buchanan
    May 23, 2008
      Thank you! Good to know! We've been practicing Charlotte in a line, so now we can mix it up with the circle.


      "Sauer, Michael F." <sauerm@...> wrote: In most of the SCA bransles are danced in a circle (with the partial
      exception of horses bransle).

      This is normally a function of how we set up a dance. I.e. We announce
      what dance we are going to do, form

      up in the called for formation, usually review the dance then ask the
      musicians to start playing.

      Apparently a common way to dance bransles in period was for one (or a
      few ) to start a dance as the musicians started to play

      and others join the line on the right as they wanted throughout the
      dance. At some time during the dance, maybe as it neared

      the end or as there were as many people that wanted to dance/could fit
      in the space, the lead person (person on the left)

      would draw the line into a near ring or even close it by taking the
      person on the right's right hand.

      This joining in progress for bransles is practiced in the SCA by
      breaking the ring at most any point if somebody wants to join in after

      The music has started.


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      I have a question about Charlotte Bransle. I've read it can be danced in
      a circle or in a line. How is it danced in Calontir - circle or line?



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