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  • Lady Sara Sophia von Kolmar
    May 10, 2008

      I'm sorry I didn't make it last time. Playdate plans got changed too late for me to make other arrangements for Nathaniel. Next time I may just try bringing a 6 year old and see if he likes dance. :-D

      I will try to have Ly Bens worked up for next time. :-) I learned so many dances at Crown, I'm not sure I can remember them all. :-)

      Sara Sophia

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      Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 04:28:41 -0700
      Subject: RE: [CalontirDance] Re:Horse's Bransle

      OK Tsire - you make a good point with Korbushka. The Stupid Squire Dance/Ly Bens shall replace Korbushka for next dance practice. I was trying to fill up time with Korbushka since we don't know that many dances and one of our members already knew it. Sara Sophia couldn't make it last time to teach the new dances you taught her at Crown. Murdoch led ALL the dances in her place though. He even told the group how much dancing helps with footwork, which thereby improves fighting technique!

      Also, my friend, who used to live in the Outlands (Unser Hafen), said she used to dance something called a "Circle Waltz." I asked her to hum the tune. She couldn't remember it, but said it sounded like something you'd hear in a Chinese restaurant. Do you know what she could be talking about?



      Tsire Tuzevo <tsire@...> wrote: Emelye

      There is indeed nothing wrong with Horses Bransle it's just not built for the short of attention span like myself.

      The Stupid Squire Shuffle is Ly Bens Dystonis

      Re Korobushka:

      I (and many others who may speak on thier own) have been working for a long time to get this 1920's broadway take on a Russian folk dance out of the popular vernacular of the European Dancer in Calontir and the Known World. Adding it to your local repertoire and introducing it to new folks debilitates a cause near and dear to me. While it is indeed and enjoyable dance, it has about as much to do with living history of our period as the Electric Slide. Please consider this before deciding to add it to your repertoire.


      To: CalontirDance@yahoogroups.comFrom: boltb4@...: Fri, 9 May 2008 04:59:56 -0700Subject: Re: [CalontirDance] Re:Horse's Bransle

      That sounds interesting. We might try the "Hurried Negotiations" variant when we get more advanced. Regarding the "Korbushka clap," one of the other members of the Barony is supposed to teach Korbushka next time. She's from the Outlands and apparently, they danced Korbushka frequently out there. I can hear a "Korbushka clap" when I'm playing music, but I'm usually not looking up enough from the music to register a visual. That shall soon change. EmelyeChristopher Mortika <c.mortika@...> wrote: So, what's wrong with "Horse's Bransle"? (Well, other than thepossibility that it might be deadly dull?)For what it's worth, I came up with a variation of Horse's that wekind of liked.(THIS IS AN A-HISTORIC CHANGE TO THE DANCE!!)The second part of the dance (Stamp-stamp, single R, turn L withdouble L) is interesting enough. But the first part (double L, doubleR until even the mildly autistic dancers get bored) is just tedious.So, here's what we did.The first double L double R

      is as normal.The second time, the lead couple does ...something... and back. Theymight do three little kicks at the end. It can be a diagonal, doubleL and back out, and then R and back in. It can be a double L andswitch places, and then a double R and switch back. It can be a turnL with a clap at the end, Korobushka-style. Whatever. Something.The third time, they repeat their move, and the second couple follows suit.The fourth time, al three couples dance the variation.Since the lead man changes each time, there are new ideas about whatto do. That first double L, double R is usually spent in hurriednegotiations. The lead woman needs to be pretty on-her-toes.--Christian---------------------------------Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


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