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1028Re:Horse's Bransle

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  • Christopher Mortika
    May 9, 2008
      So, what's wrong with "Horse's Bransle"? (Well, other than the
      possibility that it might be deadly dull?)

      For what it's worth, I came up with a variation of Horse's that we
      kind of liked.


      The second part of the dance (Stamp-stamp, single R, turn L with
      double L) is interesting enough. But the first part (double L, double
      R until even the mildly autistic dancers get bored) is just tedious.

      So, here's what we did.

      The first double L double R is as normal.

      The second time, the lead couple does ...something... and back. They
      might do three little kicks at the end. It can be a diagonal, double
      L and back out, and then R and back in. It can be a double L and
      switch places, and then a double R and switch back. It can be a turn
      L with a clap at the end, Korobushka-style. Whatever. Something.

      The third time, they repeat their move, and the second couple follows suit.

      The fourth time, al three couples dance the variation.

      Since the lead man changes each time, there are new ideas about what
      to do. That first double L, double R is usually spent in hurried
      negotiations. The lead woman needs to be pretty on-her-toes.

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