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102RE: [CalontirDance] Lilies Classes

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  • Ms. Catherine E. Dean, Esq.
    May 5, 2000
      Greetings again.

      >I've got a two-person version of Petit Vriens which I occasionally
      >throw on to confuse our kingdom dance minister. :) But that's beside
      >the point. :)

      Oooh... feel like shareing? I'm curious now (having helped choreograph a six
      person version of Rufty Tufty when we had too many people for the regular

      >We're having some good success with Amoroso surprisingly. Master
      >Niccolo of Artemisia came down and taught it to some beginners at the
      >Kingdom Dance and Rapier Collegium and it's really caught on. I've
      >had lots of requests for it lately. And in a kingdom where the
      >prevailing dance request is "Anything except Italian" and/or "Can we
      >do Hole in the Wall?", that's pretty cheering. :)

      So I hear! It actually gives one a sense of hope! I really think more people
      would enjoy Italian if they would just give it a chance--very flirtatious and
      goodness knows there are enough flirts int he SCA to make things like that
      popular indeed!

      >> but also trying to fit Italian into molds where it can almost,
      >> but not quite, fit, seems counterproductive.
      >Out here it's a case of "I don't know what a doppio is, and I don't
      >want to know. Oh? A *double*? OH! I can do that!"

      Oh, ok I will sometimes translate terms into English, but more often than not
      rather than translate the step names (which can be pretty silly sounding) I
      clip them off. Spezz and Trab rather than spezzati and trabuchetti come to
      immediately. Things with silly little names are less intimidating, I guess :)

      >> Could do Leoncello or Anello, Verceppe, Pellegrina, and Gratioso I
      >don't know
      >> yet.
      >Another thing I thought of - if you've got a group who are willing to
      >try new and different things, you might could try Mercantia. Good
      >flirting potential and interesting theatrics. :)

      Ok. HOpefully I can get my crew to try it over the summer when we don't have
      homework and can have two hour dance practices.

      >> I'm hopeing to pick
      >> up
      >> some more at Pennsic directly from Rosina!
      >Rosina and I have some sometimes quite varying viewpoints on
      >reconstructions and steps! :)

      Well you still have to admit she's a very nifty person! Seriously, though,
      be interested to know where you differ. I've got a copy of the big blue book
      15th c. dance treatises in my room right now and have just started poking
      through it.

      >> *laugh*. Ok, appropriate time to tell my technique for getting
      >people to
      >> dance
      >> SLR. I refer to it constantly as the 'kamikaze bunny hop dance of
      >OK - now *that* I'm definitely going to have to remember! :)

      Ok, but I'm not sure whether I really want the blame/credit for that if it
      catches on *laugh*.

      >> I imagine you've already met my friend
      >> who
      >> is living in Tucson Dave/Bartello(I think).
      >Yep - he came to our Dance Collegium last year before he ever moved
      >out here. :) We love him out here!! I'll tell him we chatted. :) Cool!

      *laugh* It's a small small society we're living in. I wonder how many steps
      takes before every dance master/mistress in the known world is connected to
      every other one.


      Cathy Dean Katherine Mercer
      Grinnell College Seneschal, College of NoMountain
      deanc@... Calontir
      Knowledge is Power; Power Corrupts; Study Hard; Be Evil
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