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1008Just joined the list

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  • lucia_b3r
    Apr 29, 2008
      Hello to all on the list! I just joined up and I'm looking forward to
      all the dance discussion (even though I'm just one of those musician
      types.) :>

      Now that I'm here, I hope you won't mind if I post a small bit of
      advertising regarding the upcoming Lilies War. We've just gone live
      with some webpages with the aim to list dance and music information
      for the war, so that the info is both easy to find and offers the
      details you need. You can find the home page here (and we have a link
      on the Calontir A&S page as well):


      If anyone has anything to add to the pages regarding music classes,
      dance classes or music events, please contact me!

      Best regards,
      Lucia (from B3R)