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Re: Oncoming War? Dance in the Wind?

Excellent! I hope you can join us! :) -Wolfram On Thursday, May 29, 2014 8:08 PM, "Carol O'Connell oconnell.carol@... [CalontirDance]"
Corros Murphy
Jun 1, 2014

Re: Oncoming War? Dance in the Wind?

How marvelous! I hope some of our dancing opportunities will fit into what I'm sure will be a busy schedule. :) You will be most welcome! Conna
Carol O'Connell
May 29, 2014

Oncoming War? Dance in the Wind?

So I hear you are having a war, I think you are having some dance too. I cheated and looked at the schedule. I'm coming and I love to dance. Princess Eridani
May 29, 2014

Re: seeking Wulfram

Here I am! Sent from my iPhone
Feb 22, 2014

seeking Wulfram

Please pick up the purple courtesy phone. Thanks. Dorcas
Dorcas or Jean
Feb 19, 2014

Cattle Raids Chorale

Hello Dancers, Musicians, Singers I have an announcement/invitation for Cattle Raids at Mag Mor Aug 24. In addition to archery, thrown weapons, A&S etc, there
Aug 15, 2013

Queen's Prize Tourney Sept 14 Standing Stones

From: Maerwynn of Holme Date: July 17, 2013, 2:32:13 PM CDT To: CALONTIR@... Subject: [CALONTIR] Queen's Prize Reply-To:
Jul 17, 2013

Lilies **HanneConna Ball for Beginners** this Sat 2 pm

Opening Court time was recently moved and so our Dance was moved back to original time of 2 pm. Something fun for first full day of Lilies. Please let any
Jun 5, 2013

Re: Lilies War

For those of you who have not seen the dance list for Monday night's Shattered Crystal Ball, the dance set is below. If you are a musician and would like to
Magdalene von Osnabrueck
Jun 1, 2013

Re: Digest Number 761

It turns out that Master Christian may not be able to come, but we are working on a way to still have noontime singing. It won't probably start till Monday,
Brenda Knox
May 21, 2013

Christian at Lilies

Unfortunately, my plans have gone pear-shaped. Due to other responsibilities, including family issues, I will be taking much of Lilies week off work, but not
Christopher Mortika
May 21, 2013

Re: Digest Number 761

Oh  Yay! Do we start on Sat or Sun?   (I'm trying to pack everything in as I'll only be there first 3 days thsi year : ) Singing the Dream Hanne Abendschein
Deb Johnoff
May 21, 2013

Noontime singing

Just a teaser.......There will be noontime singing. Master Christian CAN COME to Lilies, and we will sing. HL Brighid O'Mahuna [Non-text portions of this
Brenda Knox
May 20, 2013

Middle Eastern Music Ensemble at Lilies

(please forgive me for cross-posting this on the Calontir List serve - I want to reach everyone who may be interested!) Hello, Populace of Calontir, I am
May 18, 2013

Re: A great paper on music with dance in the SCA

Well that certainly sounds like him! Especially his opinions on the music pit. :) Thanks for posting it Brighid. Lucia ... [Non-text portions of this message
Starr Mahoney
May 16, 2013
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