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Re: [California_Jam] Wereo on YouTube

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  • Scott Lifshine
    I appreciate it. There s a lot to do with the Wereo. Actually my youtube features some Wereo; a slight bit. It s the wind from my eight skyjumpers. That s the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 20, 2009
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      I appreciate it. There's a lot to do with the Wereo. Actually my youtube features some Wereo; a slight bit. It's the wind from my eight skyjumpers. That's the Wereo we hear there.
      I know it's only a slight bit. The Sabbath playing is the mono-Sabbath, not the Wereo. I'll get around to matching that up.
      It's hard to tell the difference on youtube; youtube is not renowned for its' sound capabilities.
      If you want to hear gobs of wereo here's a link to a good chunk of it. You can start here on Cut 8:
      Thanks for asking. The wereo is our way. Nuclear Warrior of course rules everything, and the Pilar of Fire rules even that. As Boby Dylan said even before the days of Wereo; It's Unbelievable.
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      Subject: [California_Jam] Wereo on YouTube

      Scott, what we need from you is *good* excerpts of the Wereo on YouTube!

      The world needs to hear the crystal-clarity and the magic that is the Wereo, so why not YouTube?

      And the magic-mono of Sabbath which I think you've said you have, would have to be WAY better than the color mis-fires that are awlready there.

      So yeah, upload the audio of the 3/4" and the mono-video so we can awl soon be a movin' and a groovin' to the Wereo!

      (There could awlso be a little Nuclear Warrior at the end of each upload, gettin' 'em ready for the old one-two of the Wereo AND Nuclear Warrior!)

      CalJamRocks! !!!!

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