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Fw: Re: [California_Jam] The Wereo is the way

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  • tom orsat
    ... From: Rich Landers Subject: Re: [California_Jam] The Wereo is the way To: tomorsat@yahoo.com Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 9:40
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      --- On Mon, 12/1/08, Rich Landers <check4sound@...> wrote:
      From: Rich Landers <check4sound@...>
      Subject: Re: [California_Jam] The Wereo is the way
      To: tomorsat@...
      Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 9:40 AM

      Hey Tommy Boy,
      I don't get it. What is this Scott guy talking about. We were both there and you know as well as me that it wasn't that great. Give me a freaking break...Seals and Croft! Yeah, I want hours of that compared to the Stones and Floyd. I think this guy has nothing else in his world and no "real" friends to converse with. I took a look at You Tube and can't figure out what's so great about some grainy video and third rate sound...at best. And the interview is obviously contrived. Maybe from being in the business I have become picky on what I see and hear. The AMA's were OK for what it is. Ran into Sindi there. Went out for a bite and some drinks that night with some friends. Had to stuff a sock in her as all she talked about was you...over, and over, and over again. Dude, is there something about you that I don't know about!!! What did you do to this girls head? I will tell you something, she still has the voice although a bit more matured, but what a set of pipes! I think she's here working on a CD with Bill Medley, at least that's what I got out of it. Remember Alvin? He was here to and said to say hi and that he would get in touch. Got a go for now. Take care of yourself and lets see if we can all get together again. It's been way to long.

      From: tom orsat <tomorsat@...>
      To: check4sound@...
      Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 10:32:50 AM
      Subject: Fw: [California_Jam] The Wereo is the way

      Hey Rich,
      How's it going? Nice pic's from the AMA's. Anyway, that web site on the Cal Jam is still coming up with a bunch of stuff. Being you said you were not getting their e-mails I thought I would forward this one to you. Checkout the the You Tube and recordings. They are something else!  In case your up here soon, the URS are playing in Placerville next month, want to get together with the wives an go?

      --- On Wed, 11/26/08, Scott Lifshine <scottamerica@...> wrote:
      From: Scott Lifshine <scottamerica@...>
      Subject: [California_Jam] The Wereo is the way
      To: California_Jam@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 8:57 AM

      The Wereo, the California Jam Wereo continues to blanket the world.
      It's become blase to even think of rock-n-roll anymore, thanks to the
      efforts of Meat Plow, artcinco and myself. By the enlightened, you
      would be considered an object of ridicule to even mention the
      phrase "rock-n-roll" anymore due to the introduction of the free
      wereo by Meat Plow and artcinco.

      We *must* spend the rest of our lives analyzing the California Jam
      Wereo Recordings. Rock-n-roll has become clutter due to the wereo.
      Classic rock is even worse. You *must* destroy every last "classic
      rock" record you own, except for the pre-California Jam bands
      recordings. You may need those to refer to from time to time.

      Other than that the Revolution and the Revelation is quite clear;
      Classic rock's out and rock-n-roll is out. The wereo is very strong.
      A lot stronger than the aforementioned types of music and any other
      type of music.

      Relinquish the brainwash that has been going on for 40 years. Cawl
      your radio stations and tell them you have NO NEED to hear their
      garbage brainwash music anymore. Relinquish the Creems, the Pink
      Floyds, the Whos, the LZs. The Rolling Stoners, the Steely Dans. The
      Bostons, The Aerosmiths. You must take a leap of Faith and direct
      everyone to artcinco's and Meat Plow's hyperlinks instead of
      rock'n'roll. The internet now rules how and where you get your music

      http://www.soundcli ck.com/bands/ default.cfm? bandID=896229
      Meat Plow's Soundclick and

      http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=FRfNBY- 3IZw
      WEREO RADIO Part 1

      Classic rock is suddenly in some SERIOUS trouble due to the Lifshine
      Wereo. I saw The Beatles live on August 28, 1964. I'm telling you the
      Wereo and Nuclear Warrior is better. Can you hear what's happening in
      the Wereo? Awl those ppl screaming for the music? We're part of those
      ppl. We don't scream like that for classic rock.

      I stunned the world with Nuclear Warrior in 1984. Now it's the
      California Jam Wereo and Nuclear Warrior. Behold the madness coming
      from us. Give up rock-n-roll immediately for it has become
      immediately OBSOLETE overnight due to the advent of the free Wereo.
      This is the genius Lifshine telling you. I got the biggest write-up
      in world history for this.

      As opposed to the many heeky-deeky California Jam video youtubes, at
      least now we can HEAR what happened at the Jam. This wereo is FRONT
      OF HOUSE indeed and just replaced rock'n'roll FOR GOOD. Just click
      on the links and you'll immediately understand why your entire
      record collection has to GO >>>


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