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Re: Spawn & fry updtes

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  • Goten
    Thats great! When they are ready to sell how much will the females be?
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2005
      Thats great! When they are ready to sell how much will the females be?

      --- In CaliforniaBettas@yahoogroups.com, "Alina" <rboyer916@e...> wrote:
      > The red copper fry are doing quite well. The deaths since they have
      > first hatched are very minimal so far. They will turn 3 wks
      > tommorrow, and the avarage size at the moment is about 1/2 inch, or
      > 3/8 in. to be pretty precise. I'v spotted some nice little DT's
      > darting around; a good 1/2 or more of the spawn is DT. All are very
      > heathly and should start developing their color in the next few
      > weeks:) (can't wait!). As for the parents, they are HUGE! They are
      > also very heathly a look like they never had ben spawned.
      > I also have yet another attempt going;) I'm trying a copper DT male
      > and a black copper SD female (the same one who around September
      > jumped from her bowl 3 yards or more(she has a perminant cd player
      > over her bowl now:) ). They have been in there from wed. and the
      > male has relocated his bubblenest from within the watersprite to
      > under the indian almond leaf just the other day. A few days ago it
      > looked like they made an attempt to spawn, but th female got
      > skittish or something and swam off. Now they *should* still be
      > spawning, or attempting. The male isn't all to good at the wraps,
      > but the female is about to burst from eggs and he is slowly
      > improving (by the looks). Thought I saw a few eggs up in the nest
      > earlier. Odd pair....
      > ~Alina
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