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Update on Breeding?

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  • Larissa
    Hi All! ;) We re doing two things right now (see, we *can* multi-task!) First, we re working on getting the newsletter out. (Another one, yay!) And
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2001
      Hi All! ;)

      We're doing two things right now (see, we *can* multi-task!) <g>

      First, we're working on getting the newsletter out. (Another one,

      And Second, we're starting to prepare for a CBS-hosted IBC-sanctioned
      show to be held April 6 & 7. Double-yay!!! :)

      Right now, we'd like everybody to look over your fish at the
      moment and take a look at what you're breeding.

      For the newsletter, we've got a section at the end of the Breeder's
      Corner, which talks about what strains and types of bettas those
      of us locally are working with. Please, if you'd like, send me
      a quick report on what you're breeding so we can get it in the
      newsletter. (We're trying for a Monday mailing.)

      For the show -- the time for breeding fish to have the growth and
      size for an April Show is pretty much *now*. ;) Spawns in Nov
      and December should have their best growth by April.

      CBS is willing to help all local breeders get ready for the April
      show by importing some new stock and auctioning it off at our
      October 20th meeting, but I have to know *now* if I should be
      doing this. Does everybody have all the good stock they need
      right now? Delta tails? Half-Moons? Crowns? Colors? :)

      One of the most important things for raising fry up to show quality
      fish is their early feeding and maturation traits. For that, Jim's
      talk on the 20th about Live Foods, and the samples he'll have there
      of the different worms and other tasty goodies, will be the best
      preparation your fish can get! ;-)

      Please email me back, either on list or off list, if you would
      like your breeding information in the Newsletter, or if you need
      any help in getting new stock in preparation for our April Show.

      -- Larissa ^..^
      alatri @ yahoo.com
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